Campo Al Pero


We are Maurizio and Doriana Cerbaro Piccoli.
Our winery Azienda Agricola Campo al Pero was born in 2006, on the gentle slopes of Bolgheri and it is the result of slow, but very thoughtful research.
It is the consequence of our great passion for wine and for Tuscany and the intense studies, long inspections, and careful analysis along with some anxious moments, culminating in an immense joy to see our dream come true even if this all started with only 4 hectares of vineyards.


With this a new experience started for us in producing wine and in searching for slower rhythms and keeping traditions, all very different compared to our intense professional activities as lawyers in Trento.
At the base of this very precise research there was and there still is today a very deep love for Tuscany; and in time we have added to that growth in knowledge in the so called “world of wine” with specialized formation and training courses and with a lot of passion in oenology.

The choice made in 2006, fell on this splendid area in the most niche wine zones of Tuscany, none other than Bolgheri; it is situated in between Livorno and Grosseto and is famous for the small old village which goes down in history not only for its beauty, common feature in many Tuscan villages, but also for having been the town where the famous poet Giosuè Carducci lived.
In this area so precious and favored by the always mild climate due to the proximity of the Ligurian Sea, we purchased the first 4 hectares of magnificently manicured vines. The name of this plot of land was Campo al Pero and that is why we gave the same name to the winery.

Campo al Pero gradually expanded over the years to the present 12 hectares of land with full DOC Bolgheri production and we are active members of the Consorzio Bolgheri DOC.
Recently our two young daughters, Antonella Doriana e Giulia Doriana, have joined the team.